Real Contacts in a real local contact magazine

About Naughty Contacts

Naughty Contacts was started due to the fact that more and more people are becoming more openminded about their relationships . All of the Naughty Crew are very open minded people and so decided to address the issue of creating a real local contacts magazine for open minded people.

We are becoming a more sexually liberated country and people are starting to wake up to the fact that people can decide what do do with their sexual selves. Living life with an open mind can mean that couples (not forgetting the single females and males) can be known as living the Lifestyle and this is becoming more popular in this country because people like to feel good about themselves and like to enjoy their sexuality. Whose business is it if people want to watch their partners having fun with another person,as long as they all behave in an adult like fashion and don't disrespect their partners what harm are open minded people doing to anybody?

If the truth be known living the lifestyle is just like going out to a club and meeting somebody and going home to have sex with them (this happens every night of the week all over the world) only difference is there are more people in the room when it gets down to being open minded.

So out of all the frustrations in trying to meet other open minded people we decided to start a contacts magazine, there are a few other so called local contact magazines and we have tried them, most of the phone numbers in them are dead and we got no response from any of the mailboxes either. We decided it was time to change all this and try our best to get real contacts into a real local contact magazine.

We hope you agree it's time that open minded people ihad a magazine they feel they can be part of.

The Naughty Crew